Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy, Happy

We've been soaking up goodness lately. Jason's parents and sister came up on the 26th to celebrate Christmas with us, and we had a wonderful time together. They landed after Hadley went to bed on the 26th, so the next morning, she looked amazed when Grandpa came up the stairs from the basement and sat down on the floor next to her in the living room. He was followed shortly after by Grandma, and then by Auntie Crystal. I'm pretty sure Hadley thinks we have a magical basement, where people beam themselves in and out of our home.

(How cool would that be?)

Hadley seems to love a full house, lots of action, lots of arms, lots of faces to entertain her. We had our second Christmas celebration on Sunday night, which was festive and fun. Grandma and Grandpa spoiled all of us, and I admit that I'm enjoying playing with Hadley's toys as much as she does. Grandma bought her a toy food set, and I love sitting down with Hadley and saying things like, "Hm. Would you like an egg sandwich this morning? How about some fresh broccoli?" And Hadley looks at me with those big grey-green-blue eyes she has and then grabs whatever I have and puts it in her mouth. It's actually a rather fun game.

The day after our celebration, we went to a Christmas store--all things Christmas, all the time--and I wondered if the people who work there are tired of Christmas tunes by the time the holiday rolls around each year. I would be. Hadley was captivated by all of the lit trees and sparkly ornaments; it would have taken her all of five nanoseconds to get into the baskets of pretty things if we had let her. I thought about how different she will be next Christmas, how much more independent and curious and expressive, so I squeezed her extra tight. (I really did because she let out a little squeal, as if to say, "Whoa, Mama. I just ate.")

We did other little things--rambled around the mall, went out to lunch, took a stroll outside. It was very low-key and relaxing, and it's really nice to have extra people around to play with the Hadster. I actually got to go to the bathroom ALL ALONE. Fab.

Sandy and Crystal had a snowball fight, and I have to post the images here because they crack me up. I have a hunch that at next year's snowball fight, Hadley will find a spot smack-dab in the middle.

Sandy, Al and Crystal left on the 30th, but before they did, Jason and I got airplane tickets to go to Naples in April. (Thank you, frequent flier miles.) At least we all know when we'll be together again, and I'm already dreaming of how much fun we'll have with Hadley in the pool and on the beach. She's going to love Naples, and I'm so excited to introduce her to all of our good friends who live there.

So here we are, ready for the new year and all of the adventures it will bring. Happy, happy to all of you!

And now for one of my favorite photo series of the year: Crystal and Hadley model their red berets:


  1. Thanks for making me CRY!!! :) :) (Tears of happiness that is.) Our trip to Colorado was probably one of the most amazing trips I have been on. Not only did I get to spend time with you all, but seeing how much Hadley has changed and realizing the amount of love I have for that little girl is beyond words. Our trip was so laid back and relaxing, laughing, and playing with baby toys! haha Thank you so much for everything that you posted and helping me re-live our trip there. I miss you all! Love you all! xoxo

    PS ... the red berets are my favorite too and I have them framed!!!

  2. Brings back memories of our wonderful time together! I look at the pictures and just smile at the fun we had! The red berets are a favorite and Auntie Crystal and Hadley had fun modeling them! Thanks so much for everything and April needs to come soon! We are so looking forward to our family pictures, what a wonderful gift! In the meantime we will skype and see Hadley and all that she is getting in to!! Such a happy baby :-) Love you all!

  3. PS You need a picture of Grandpa on there! LOL I have over 200 pics on my Shutterfly that I should send you! Hope you have a great day, it's COLD down here!! :)xoxo

  4. Hilary, I love that first photo. Think of all the things those little eyes will see.