Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Goes on in That Head of Hers?

I wonder all the time: What's Hadley thinking? How does she think--not in words yet, so how? In images? What makes her do the things she does--like say, "I-yie-yie-yie" (rhymes with "pie") for five minutes straight? Or shake her head from side to side like a bobble-head doll?

Every day Hadley whips up a new skill. Just this morning, as she was walking around her play table at record speed, she stopped and popped her right foot up so just the ball was touching the ground. Then she started to turn her leg in and out--a la Elvis. With her leg going, she began to rock her head back and forth like she was attending her own private heavy metal concert. It was like Kiss meets the King. After a good 10 seconds, she stopped, grinned at me and returned to her laps around the table. I was laughing so hard, I could barely breathe.

This is her "are you ready for what I'm about to do?" expression.

Hadley is infinitely entertaining--maybe only to us, but still, we're having fun. She loves when I hold her and pretend to run away from Jason, who chases us. She squeals and wiggles and laughs. And she loves her new head-bobbing hobby. Often, while she sits on the floor and plays quietly, she looks up, gets a bemused expression on her face that says, "I know that you're just waiting for me to do something funny," and then shakes her head side to side (ear to shoulder, ear to shoulder) for a good five or six seconds. When she's finished, she purses her lips together in a thoughtful little expression, raises her eyebrows--"Is that sufficient?" she practically asks--and then returns to playing. But I know she's listening for our response, and when she hears us laugh, she seems especially pleased.

How is this all possible? Where did she learn to tease and play? How does she know what's funny? (Just wait until I can teach her the nacho cheese joke: What do you call cheese that's not yours? NACHO CHEESE! Jason will be mortified, but I will think it's hilarious.)

I have no idea if Hadley will be analytical or creative or athletic or dramatic...but I predict that she will be a funny little kid. And even before I can teach her my repertoire of really awful jokes, I expect that she'll be whipping out a few of her own.


  1. Hadley is surely entertaining, we skyped with her and daddy yesterday and must have watched her for a good half hour or more. Great grandma was amazed with this new concept!! And Hadley did her laps around her toy, just around and around and around. We saw her bob her head from side to side, look at daddy and then just laugh! She waved to us, showed us her food and was constantly putting the banana in her mouth!!! Oh, she even did the I yie-yie-yie for us! She is very entertaining, next time I think I will have to have the popcorn ready!!!

  2. This is a hoot!

    When I skyped with her and daddy the other night, I saw her make one of the faces that you make Hilary with the one side up your lips up and the other down!! Do you know what I'm talking about!?! I was like, "Oh my goodness, Hilary does that!!"

    She's the sweetest ever and she is going to be funny b/c she has parents who entertain her and have so much fun with her like you and Jason do! She's so blessed to have you as parents!! :)

    Love you!!! :) :) :)