Monday, May 11, 2009

What's with that hair?

Since Hadley's arrival eight days ago, Jason and I have spent a lot of time just staring at her in pure awe...and trying to figure out where in the world she got that hair. Everyone in the hospital--every nurse, every doctor, every guest--talked about her hair. Truly. No exceptions. Even the pediatrician said, "I know you must hear this a lot, but that hair is awesome." 

It's quite a source of amusement around here, too. Her granddaddy (my dad) pats it down; her grandma (who we call "Mumsie") and I spike it up because we think it appeals to her inner rock star. Jason rubs it in circles, so it has a slightly wind-swept look.

Where did it come from? The color and abundance make us think of Auntie Crystal's baby pictures; the cowlicks are definitely from Daddy; and she might have even gotten the gene that made my hair look woodstock-esque (not nearly so cool as Hadley's) when I was born. The hair is perhaps her most defining feature right now, but it has also prompted us to guess the genetic backgrounds for her other features. So, in no apparent order, here are our unscientific conclusions:

Eyes: They're kind of dark blue with a bit of gray, but we'll see if they change. We think the gray might come from Grandpa Al, and the shape is definitely more like Grandma Sandy and Jason than like mine.

Nose, cheeks and chin: All Mommy. Heaven help her.

Mouth: We don't know, but it sure is cute--heart-shaped and red. My mom keeps asking, "Are you putting lipstick on this child?" (No, Mom.)

Feet: Daddy all the way. (Sorry, Hadley.) Her feet and toes are long, long, long. My dad swears that she tried to grab his finger with her toes a few days ago. I have this mental image of Hadley hanging one day from the chandelier in the dining room by her toes.

Hands: Daddy again. Like her toes, her fingers are long and thin. Maybe she'll play the piano (or the banjo. I vote for the banjo).

Ears: Let's hope they're not like Uncle Graham's when he was a kid. If they are, she'll need all the hair she can grow to cover them up. Right now, they're a little elfin and definitely adorable.

Disposition: The best of her mommy and her daddy. She's pretty laid back and even-keel (for a newborn), like Jason, but she also loves affection, like yours truly.

I love to imagine what it will be like when Hadley is a bit older, and she says or does something that points directly to a particular member of her gene pool. Maybe she'll laugh like Auntie Crystal or smile her daddy's smile. And I suppose that one day, when she's much older, she'll say or do something that points directly to a particular member of her gene pool and she'll be horrified. ("Oh my gosh! I sound like my mother!" she'll think.) But we have a while to go before that happens. For now, we're happily watching Hadley grow into her own little person--with a little help from two families who come together in this nine-pound wonder.


  1. I vote for the piano!! :) Auntie Ana can fly up to teach her each lesson. :) I love you Hadley Jane!

  2. It's so fun to think about who she looks like or wonder who she'll take after!

    I just came from Sam and Ryan's and melted when I was holding Chase. I pictured it being Hadley and how I couldn't wait to hold her and feel how soft she is! She is definitely a beautiful baby and I'm so thankful that you all are doing so well!

    Oh... by the way... if she does have my hair, I happen to think it turned out alright :) But, what are you trying to say about my laugh?? haha


  3. i swore i'd never read baby blogs... but when the mom is such a beautiful writer, and when the baby is so dang perfect, well, i'll make an exception. i love it - this is so great, and thoughtful, and for such a perfect little hadley.

  4. I'm with you, Leah. Baby blogs--WHO writes baby blogs? (Apparently, me.) And who READS baby blogs? (Apparently, you.) But really, if you find me blogging about poop, you call me and yell at me (a la our old friend Lizzie).