Sunday, May 17, 2009


Very early in my pregnancy, Jason and I went bowling with our friends Jenny and Brian Brown and their three kids--Hays and Molly, who are four-year-old twins, and Carson, who is two. I am not a particularly good bowler, and I'm not a particularly enthusiastic bowler, but that night, I had a blast watching Hays and Molly have a blast. Every knocked-down pin was a victory, worthy of a dance of joy and a round of high-fives. I remember thinking about how much more fun bowling was with enthusiastic, first-time bowlers, and I got a little flutter of excitement in my stomach for all of the things that we'd get to experience for the first time (again) with Hadley.

Admittedly, we're a long way from bowling, but we've had a series of firsts in our house that make Jason and me want to do the dance of joy and share a round of high-fives.

1. Hadley FINALLY slept in her bassinet for the first time three nights ago. She's still a little skeptical and would prefer to be held all night, but it felt wonderful for all three of us to sleep--at the same time.

2. Hadley enjoyed her first days with a real belly button. Her umbilical stump fell off on Saturday, which is good because now she can enjoy some "tummy time" and exercise those neck muscles.

3. And finally, Hadley starred in her first video clip. Drum roll please...


  1. So I'm sitting here watching this over and over, talking to my niece thinking, "thank goodness no one is around to hear how silly I am!"

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Her Florida family has been dying to see more of her, so this was really awesome. I love the coos, grunts, stretches, waves, and just everything about her!! I can't wait to hold Hadley in my arms!!

    Love you guys!

  2. AMAZING! It makes me more anxious to get there and hold Hadley! Thanks so much, and we will see so many changes in the days and months to come! She is beautiful! She is simply amazing!
    Love you all!
    Grandma :-)

  3. What a cutie pie!! I'm totally diggin' the hair! :) Oh, I can't wait to meet the Hadster in person!

    Love you all!