Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Hadley's paternal grandpa is turning, ahem, 39 in a few weeks, so Grandma rented a house outside of Winter Park, and we all trekked up to surprise him. The best surprise of all was Hadley, who is crazy about her "Papa" and loved the three-day party.

She was fascinated by the snow, and she didn't seem to mind the cold. She's a Colorado chick--and in a few short years, I think she'll be beating me down the mountain on her skis. But that's another story.

I love seeing Hadley reflected in other people's eyes, particularly people who know and love her. Clearly we're all biased, but who cares? If your mama and daddy and Grandma and Papa and Auntie and Great-Granny don't dote on you, who will?


  1. What a wonderful week-end! We pulled off the surprise for Papa and that was priceless!!! A family get away, fun time together, just fantastic!!!

  2. PS the word I had to type in to post my last comment was "stinki" ... sorry thought that was hysterical for some reason :) xoxo