Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Hadley

Last night, our friend and pastor Brian Brown, multi-tasker extraordinaire, came over to take some photos of Hadley with his fancy-pants camera. I was a little worried because sometimes, when we get close to bedtime, Hadley gets grumpy and we have to chant "Big A, Little A. What begins with 'A'? Auntie Allie's Alligator, A, A. A." And so on. (God bless Dr. Suess.) But last night, Hadley was fabulous. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her photo shoot, smiling and talking and sucking on her fingers...and then...

...she started laughing. Hysterically. Hilariously. She couldn't stop. I think she thought Brian with the big black apparatus in front of his face was funny, but I could be wrong. Before long, Jason, Brian and I were laughing, too. We must have been quite a sight: Hadley giggling uncontrollably and three adults laughing at Hadley, which only seemed to egg her on...which only seemed to egg us on...You get the picture. It was great fun.

Speaking of pictures, we'll get the results of the photo shoot in a few weeks, but in the meantime, a colleague of mine sent these pictures to me. They're from the Cherry Creek Wine Crawl last month, which the magazine sponsored.

I'm pretty sure Hadley is checking out the cheese tray just off to the left of the photo.

She's contemplating what to do with that drool on her chin. I'm crazy about this picture because it shows her darling little chubby hands.

Guess who looks like her daddy...

Hadley is really a happy little person. She smiles at everyone (though she's not crazy about letting just anyone hold her), and she already seems able to find joy in her day. When we went to Target last week, she was really working the crowd, flashing smiles across aisles at anyone who caught her eye.

Turns out, I gave this blog the right name. Hadley is happy, and we're happily along for the ride.

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