Saturday, July 25, 2009


There was a time when people came to our house to see us. No longer. Now, people come to our house to see our baby. And that's just fine because she's just so darn cute, how can I blame them?

This month, we've had a good batch of guests. Uncle Graham came to see Hadley, and they were quick buddies, mainly because Uncle G plays the guitar and, it turns out, Hadley loves the guitar. Here is a shot of their first meeting:

Then my college roommate Lydia came, and after Hadley gave her a bit of a hard time for a few days (read: cried when Lydia held her), Hadley decided to reward Lydia's persistence with smiles and coos and snuggles. Evidence here:

I love Hadley's hair here. It looks like a bad hairpiece, and it's just so funny.

Then Jason's mom (Grandma) and sister (Auntie Crystal) arrived. Hadley is a fan of theirs, and she especially responds to Crystal's voice and to the funny faces she makes. In fact, Crystal got Hadley to laugh--as in, throw-her-head-back-and-belly-laugh--the other day. It was fabulous! Here's Hadster with her aunt:

This morning, our friend Tasha came to see Hadley. Tasha threw me a beautiful baby shower brunch in a ridiculous April snowstorm, making it all even more memorable, and she came back from California (where she now lives, sniff, sniff) for a short visit this week. Hadley LOVED her--nestled right into Tash's arms and took a lovely nap (and our faithful readers know how Hadley doesn't like to nap). Tasha promised to take Hadley shoe-shopping when, well, when Hadley needs shoes. Picture of Hadley and Tasha coming soon...

After Crystal and Sandy leave, we're taking a little break from visitors and trying to figure out how to raise a baby while both of us are working. (Gulp.) I go back to work a week from this coming Monday, but I'm not going to think (or write) about that right now. 

For now, we're just going to enjoy this week...happily with Hadley.

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  1. I'm sitting here in your family room enjoying your blog, your home, your company, and your sweet baby girl! I'm in awe of you and Jason and learning so much from the two of you and your wonderful teamwork! I always knew you would be fabulous parents. :) Thanks for letting me come spend time with you and your little miracle! Love you all!