Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa (and other firsts)

Jason's parents--Sandy and Al, aka Grandma and Grandpa--just left after a week-long visit with the Hadster (and her parents). Hadley was her typical self--social and snuggly, happy to be held and entertained--and I think it's fair to say that her paternal grandparents fell in love.

Hadley is really fortunate to have four grandparents who adore her: Grandma and Grandpa (Jason's folks) and Mumsie and Granddaddy (my parents). Jason and I were talking just a few nights ago about how much fun it is to see our parents with our daughter. They're all goo-goo over her, and I keep thinking about how great it will be to watch her get to know them and all of their (charming) quirks. For example, it won't take long for her to figure out that both her grandpas are ice cream fiends, and I doubt it will be hard for her to sucker them into buying her ice cream cones.

During Al and Sandy's visit, we had a few firsts: Hadley slept a minimum of six hours straight every night (and EIGHT in a row last night); we went out to lunch with her in tow; and now--victory of all victories!--she's napping in her swing. This is the child who wouldn't nap anywhere unless someone was holding her, and now my baby has grown up to swing-napping. She's so accomplished. Really. (She fell asleep listening to Vivaldi, so I do actually think she's accomplished. She knows good music when she hears it...or she falls asleep to good music when she hears it.) Yes, I realize that some seven-week-old babies sleep in their cribs, but we're working toward that. We celebrate the small victories around here.

So here's to good visits with people who love us, naps on warm summer afternoons and happy babies!

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  1. Yay for Grandma and Grandpa getting to meet Hadley!!! I'm so glad that you had a great time with them being there. Sounds like she's sleeping really well too, that's awesome! I know they loved spending time with all 3 of you! Get ready... Auntie Crystal is next!! :) Love you all :)